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  • Jeff Raible

Winter Weather has Arrived!

December FINALLY brought some semblance of Winter to the Verde Valley.

First snow of the season drapes Mingus Mountain, while angry clouds float by:

View of distant Mingus Mountain with a moderate amount of snow, with dark grey clouds floating by overhead.
Mingus Mtn in early December snow.

Dark clouds brought more beautiful sunsets!

An orange-and-yellow sunset is blanketed by a cover of dark grey clouds. In the foreground is a lighted gabbion fountain.
December Sunset from our back patio.

(Notice how the grass is still mostly green???)

Santa's Elves began prepping for Christmas as the cold, wet storm wandered through.

Foggy, wet back hard, with distant bluff mostly obscured. Nearby, a set of elves (plush dolls) climb a rope ladder to the roof.
Foggy morning finds the Elves climbing onto our rooftop!


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