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Our Origins


A brief history


Origins Bed and Breakfast opened for business 11/11/2020 ... a milestone that was the culmination of several years’ effort. 
Jeff & Karen purchased the property in 2013, with the idea of building their dream home once they retired from their corporate careers.  Back then, the idea of opening a B&B – as a second career – seemed intriguing.  After much research and planning, they selected an architect in 2017 (to formally draw & engineer their own design) and a builder in 2018.  The new house build began in January 2018 and was completed in August 2020.  September and October were spent moving our furnishings in, organizing and decorating.  And practicing; we held a ‘soft launch’ with friends and family, to practice before we officially opened.


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Why did we choose Cottonwood?


We have always been drawn to the Verde Valley – the heart of Arizona.  We love its amazing views and the variety of its landscape.  We bought this property – seven contiguous parcels totaling 4.5 acres – because of its magnificent views of Mingus Mountain, the Verde River and the distant red rocks of Sedona.  We love being in a rural location yet still close to great restaurants and a plentiful array of things to do.  We love our neighbors, who have supported us as we migrated to their community.


Why a Bed and Breakfast?

We have always enjoyed hosting events for family and friends.  Karen especially enjoys making and sharing her tasty, healthy, visually appealing (“artfully delicious”) creations.  Having found a beautiful place to locate a new dream house of their own design (something Jeff had aspired to), a B&B seemed like the perfect blend of living in a great place, meeting and hosting new people, sharing their love of Arizona’ history and natural beauty, and living a lifestyle that got them away from sitting long days at a computer.


Our Plans


We wish to offer a unique, quality experience for our guests. 


Our house is BIG, with lots of room to relax in.  Guest rooms are 500-700 sqft, with room to lounge.  Each room has its own private patio or deck, with more room to lounge.  Guest rooms are themed to showcase Arizona.  The River Room overlooks the Verde River and features a hand-painted mural of the river on one wall.  The Copper Room celebrates the beauty of copper, with views of the old mining town of Jerome.  Inspired by nearby ancient villages, the Pueblo Room features walls of stacked stone.  As you enter the Canyon Room, you feel surrounded by canyon walls, complete with a waterfall shower.  Nowhere else will you find such an array of beautiful, well-appointed guest rooms.


Our property is BIG, totaling 4.5 acres, with over an acre of landscaped yard, where you will find several seating areas from which you may enjoy the great views.  Guests may also gather around the fireplace in the spacious patio just outside the Great Room.


We wish to serve anyone who would like to stay in the Verde Valley area.  Our business plan is to expand the experience opportunities for our guests, not to expand the size of our business. 

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