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  • Jeff Raible

Visiting with a Friend

Jeff's good friend Clifford came for a visit this February. Together, they explored northern AZ, enjoying each other's company and the stunning terrain.

Panoramic view of the Grand Canyon, with layers of rock exhibiting shades of yellow, orange, purple and brown, and with snow in foreground shadows.
Grand Canyon, from the Desert View Watchtower. Note the Colorado River in the center of the photo.

Did you know that northern Arizona is a geologically active volcanic region? The most recent volcano erupted less than 1,000 years ago. You can easily visit the area as a day-trip from Origins B&B - see Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.

This view reminded Jeff of the island of Hawai'i (except for its pine trees).

Rough, brown volcanic rocks fill a craggy basin, with a few pine trees standing among the cinders.
Field of lava rock, in Sunset Peak National Monument.

Ancient Americans were here at the time of that last volcanic eruption, and presumably re-settled the area to take advantage of the enriched soil. This view is of Wukoki Pueblo, a few miles north of the Sunset Crater, which can easily be visited on the same day-trip. Note the snow-covered peaks off in the distance; these are the San Francisco Peaks just north of Flagstaff (and formerly one of the tallest mountains in North America ... until that mega-volcano blew its top some 550,000 years ago.

Visit Wupatki National Monument to enjoy the stunning views from three different ancient pueblos.

An ancient ruin built of rectangular rocks on a sandstone hill looks out over a sparsely vegetated landscape, with snow-clad mountains in the far distance.
Wukoki Pueblo, located in Wupatki National Monument.

Though there likely were fields of crops in the near distance, this would have been the view the Ancients enjoyed from the Wukoki pueblo, looking westward.

An ancient rock wall surrounds a stone courtyard which overlooks a sparsely vegetated landscape, with snow-clad mountains in the far distance.
Wukoki Pueblo view, toward the San Francisco Peaks.

Here is a view of the primary pueblo, Wupatki.

An ancient, ruined settlement consisting of dozens of rooms and an oval plaza lie within a sparsely vegetated landscape dominated by a series of sandstone and volcanic bluffs.
Wupatki Pueblo, together with its oval ballcourt.

Jeff & Cliff also visited Sedona! Here is a view of Cathedral Rock, from the Red Rock Loop Rd.

View of red rock structures jutting skyward from sandstone bluffs.
Cathedral Rock, Sedona

A juniper-framed photo of Courthouse Rock:

A towering rock ediface lying miles away is framed by an ancient Juniper tree's limbs.
Courthouse Rock, Sedona

Happy friends, Jeff & Cliff!

Selfie of two older gentlemen; Jeff, at left, wears a leather Greek sailor-style hat; Cliff, at right, sports a shaved head but scruffy beard.  In the background is Cathedral Rock, Sedona.
Jeff & Cliff exploring Sedona


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