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We offer artfully delicious breakfasts!

To start with, try our Fruit Muffin, paired with a Pear Ginger Smoothie!

Plate with Fruit, Muffin and a Smoothie

Or perhaps our signature home-made
Apple Rose pastries!

Plate with an Apple Rose Patry and Fresh Fruit

Or one of our other starters....

Plate with Fresh Fruit and Cinnamon Streussel Cake
Plate with an Apple Fritter with Powdered Sugar

Save your appetite for one of our main courses...

Main Course of Spanish Omelette with Green Chile Pesto
Main Course of Peach and Raspberry Clafoutis
Main Course of Corn Pancakes with Smoked Salmon

Spanish Omelette
with Jalapeno Pesto

Peach and Raspberry Clafouti
(a sweet, creamy egg dish)

Corn Pancakes
with Smoked Salmon    

Here is a typical breakfast menu (which changes daily):

A Typical Breakfast Menu

     You will NOT leave hungry!     

If you have any dietary restrictions - or even just strong preferences - we can certainly accommodate you!

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