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  • Jeff Raible

Tub Repair :-(

This series of Posts is called "Daily Life." However, few of these photos share what Karen & Jeff actually do on a daily basis ... the not-so-glamorous part of managing a Bed & Breakfast.

This Post shares an example of that not-so-glamor. Our Pueblo Room tub faucet began leaking this fall. As we tried to fix the leak, we discovered that the valves we had installed can only be maintained from underneath the tub deck. And we did not have an access panel.

So I reached out to our Builder, Doug Noble (Noble Heritage Builders), for guidance on how to solve this and whom to contact. Without divulging too many secrets, I'll just indicate that Doug saved the day for us: we got an access panel cut into the tub surround, so that our plumber could finish the job for us!

A bath tub has a rectangular hole cut into the side of its rock-lined surround.
BEFORE: Pueblo Room bath tub, with hole cut to provide access to its valves.

Upon replacement of the panel (which can be removed with relative ease), we're once again able to host guests!

The same bath tub as above, but no noticeable panel in its rock-lined surround.
AFTER: Pueblo Room bath tub, with panel replaced and sealed.

A stone-lined shower and tub area, with a bed in the right foreground; all decorated in a Southwest style.
Pueblo Room bed, tub and shower, looking as good as new (AND with a wood-body Snowman looking on)!


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