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Oct 2020: Enter our Home!

While we are not officially open yet, we have hosted several 'friends and family' guests!

I know I have not been keeping up with posts. I apologize. Karen & I have been so focused - and so busy with - getting the house ready for guest that we have not been taking good photos of our progress.

Let's see if I can do better!

Here are some photos that represent the first impressions a guest may have.

First, as you reach the top of our driveway, here is our home!

View of the front of the house, including its street number
Our address is 5180 E Comanche Drive

When you place your car in one of the guest parking spaces (next to the work shop), it will be protected by our well-armed guard....

Fanciful warrior fashioned from metal stands guard over guest cars
24x7 security (note cameras on the workshop)

As you walk up to the house, you will notice its many surfaces and architectural lines.

View of the house front, from near the car park
Approaching the front door

Another figure stands to the left of the door, protecting all who enter peacefully.

Close-up of the custom-designed iron front door
Our secure, custom-designed door conjures the Verde and original inhabitants

Guests are greeted in the Front Entry....

Through the opened front door, one can see southwestern artwork and glowing candles resting on a custom table
Welcome to Origins!

Once inside, you will see to your left the Great Room - our common sitting area for guests.

A couch and barrel chairs arranged in front of the fireplace, which features native art in its several shelves and niches
Cozy seating before the open fireplace

Looking through the Great Room, you see this wonderful view to the north:

A view through the Great Room, showing a grassy lawn, with trees behind and mountains beyond
Beyond the grass lawn, tall trees border the Verde River

If you stay in River or Copper Room, you will climb these stairs to reach your destination.

Staircase, made of wood (steps) and southwestern-styled metal (railing) leads upward, behind the Great Room couch
Boldly-patterned staircase leads to the upstairs guest rooms

Thank you for your visit!


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