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Nov 2020: The Views!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Here is a sample of the views you can enjoy from our home at Origins B&B.

This is from our back patio, in the morning sun of late Summer:

Autumn turns the Cottonwoods' leaves from green to yellow.

Colder weather brings a change in leaf color; view of Verde River, looking past a field of grass and a stone water fountain.
Leaves turning along the Verde River.

Winter will bring some snow to Mingus Mountain, like these photos from December 2019:

Snow lightly adorns the Black Hills, as seen from the driveway at Origins B&B.
Light snow on the Black Hills.
Bright snow blankets the Black Hills, as seen from  Origins B&B.
Bright white snow adorns the Black Hills.

Cold, wet storms may bring fog. Here is a Winter view of the Verde River, as seen from our bluff.

Trees lining the Verde River emerge from a thick blanket of fog.
Fog-covered Verde River.

An early summer morning may bring a dusty sunrise, like this one in June 2020.

An orange sky accompanies the morning sun as it rises.  A lit rock gabbion is in the foreground.
Summer sunrise.

Sunsets, too, may bring brilliant oranges and yellows, like these from June 2019.

Orange and yellow sunset over Cottonwood
Sun glows over the Black Hills.
Orange and yellow sunset over Cottonwood
The sky seems on fire over Cottonwood.


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