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  • Jeff Raible

May 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

We're beginning to see the finishing touches!

The front entry fountains are rising. These three pillars will be filled with river rock, and will be surrounded by our circular driveway. They will eventually be lit from within by live flames.

View of the house front, with gabbion cages - which will become fountains - rising in front
Front entry, with 3-pillar fountains arising in foreground.

The grounds are being prepped to accommodate a lush green grass backyard (alas, no grass yet). This view is toward the Verde River, from the River Room patio. There will be a fountain in the middle, and a small plaza in the back corner. (This fountain has been filled with river rocks.)

View of the backyard, from the River Room patio. The Verde River flows among the green trees in the background.
View of the backyard, from the River Room patio.

Elsewhere, the grounds are being shaped to provide pathways for walking and driving, and to provide parking (in the background is the workshop, which has not received its final stucco coating). Like the fountains, the fence pillars will be filled with river rock.

View of the parking area, with gabion fence to the right and workshop in the background
Parking area, with gabion fence.

Inside, too, finishing touches are becoming evident. Here is the fireplace and kitchenette area in the River Room. (Paper is protecting the flooring during construction.)

River Room fireplace, which is faced with stacked stones which look like perfect rocks for skipping across a river's surface
River Room fireplace.

Here is a view of the Copper Room fireplace and shower (no shower walls just yet).

Views of the Copper Room.

Finally, here is a snapshot of the fireplace in our own private gathering room (aka, Family Room), with lots of space for decorations. The door to the left leads to the back yard. And the little wires hanging down will eventually tie to low voltage lights.

Family Room fireplace, with a front of stacked stone and featuring several nooks for showcasing pots
Family Room fireplace.


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