• Jeff Raible

Mar 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Despite more inclement weather and the spread of COVID-19, the exterior is nearly complete!

While strong progress is also being made inside - Karen & I have installed kitchen and laundry cabinetry and closets, and our laborers have tiled most bathrooms and laid the flooring for both upstairs bedrooms - there are no see-worthy interior photos, as completed objects get quickly covered up or become storage areas for other items! So this month's share is only of the outsides....

3-toned stucco house (front) and stone-clad Dining Room & Office.
3-toned stucco house (rear)

The Verde River is normally about 15 yards wide near our home. With March's storms, it swelled to over 100 yards.

The Verde River is normally constrained to the small channel just behind the two trees in the middle of this photo.


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