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  • Jeff Raible

Friends of the Verde River

Origins B&B will contribute $1 for every guest room-night to the Friends of the Verde River.

We are now a proud partner with this Cottonwood-based non-profit organization, which envisions a healthy, flowing Verde River and tributaries that support our natural environment, vibrant communities, and quality of life for future generations.

The Friends focus on restoring habitat, sustaining river flows, and building supportive communities. They proactively engage in a combination of “boots-on-the-ground” projects and policy solutions guided by sound conservation principles and which meet human and environmental needs in an outcomes-oriented manner.

With the Verde River flowing just below our home, its health is very important to us! And its beauty is close by for our guests to enjoy.

River flowing amid green Cottonwood trees, with a partly cloudy sky beyond.
View of the Verde River, from our back yard (Aug 2021).


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