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  • Jeff Raible

Feb 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The final touches are starting to show!

Our home is intended to look like a native pueblo ("Origins Pueblo"). The sculpting of the exterior walls is nearly complete, and the final color has been applied to many areas. The subtle color differences in different part of the house are to evoke a pueblo that has gone through multiple stages of organic growth.

What do you think? (OK, It will look better without the scaffolding and supplies in the foreground.)

Exterior with scaffolding, getting its final paint (three hues of tan)
Exterior is taking shape!
Great Room fireplace, with two different depths of rock facing
Soon, you may be warmed by a fire!

Inside, tile and rock are being applied to several rooms.

Here is a view of the Great Room fireplace.

Picture sitting on a couch, watching a warming fire!

Spring has arrived, but February first brought a wet storm that blanketed the Black Hills overlooking Cottonwood. Here is a view from our driveway, looking southwest:

Snow on the Black Hills, on the southwest edge of the Verde Valley
Verde Valley's Black Hills with a light Blanket of Snow

It is so beautiful here!!!


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