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Devil's Bridge

Updated: Apr 8

Sedona is famous for its Red Rocks and myriad hiking and biking trails. One of the most popular is Devil's Bridge. This November, Karen & Jeff hiked to Devil's Bridge on a slightly hazy day (due to controlled burns in the surrounding forests), and had a WONDERFUL time!

Devil's Bridge is a natural arch among Sedona's red rocks.  This view is from below, with Cottonwood and pinon trees in the foreground.
Devil's Bridge, a natural arch northwest of Sedona.

This photo is from below the natural arch called the Devil's Bridge. I don't understand its name ... it was more heavenly than devilish.

Perhaps hard to see, the dark vertical area among the orange-colored rocks is below the arch itself. Look closely, and you can spot a person in a dark blue jacket walking leftward from above the arch.

This early November day was perfect for hiking ... warm in the sun and cool in the shade.

Most guide books indicate you should park in the Dry Creek Trailhead parking lot (good luck finding a space to park) and walk up Dry Creek Road to the Devil's Bridge Trailhead (or, if you have a Off-Highway Vehicle, you can drive up Dry Creek Road and park near the Devil's Bridge Trailhead).

We discovered that walking up Dry Creek Road is busy and visually boring ... and that a MUCH BETTER ALTERNATIVE is to drive to the Mescal Trailhead parking lot - which was recently expanded and paved - and hiking from there to the Devil's Bridge Trailhead. Many more parking spaces available, and a much nicer trail experience.

Here are some more views of our hike within Long Canyon (Devil's Bridge is found in an offshoot of Long Canyon).

While cliffs overlook a large red/orange rock outcropping, with a lush pinon forest below.
Long Canyon looking westward toward Boynton Canyon.

While cliffs overlook a lower stratum of red/orange rock layers, with a lush pinon forest below.
Long Canyon looking northwestward.

While and red/orange rock outcroppings, with a lush pinon forest below.
Long Canyon looking eastward.


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