• Jeff Raible

Aug 2020 - River Room

In late July, Diane Williams (Karen's sister) journeyed from her Texas home to visit ... and create a mural for the River Room. See for yourself how great she did!!!

River Room mural, depecting the Verde River flowing into the room!

This view is from the doorway, as you enter the room. The river seems to flow from the wall across the floor to the shower.

River Room view of the waters.

This is a close-up view of the bath tub - which appears to be floating in the river - and of the shower.

Boat-like tub 'floating' in the river rock tile.

Here are the sink basins. Notice how the fixtures reflect woodsy nature.

Dual sinks at the chevron-lined mirror.

Bed frame (no mattress yet!), exhibiting rustic nature. All guest beds will be King sized.

Metal bed frame looks to be made of vines.

The fireplace was surfaced with small river stones and a simple mantel of mesquite wood. Flagstone forms its hearth.

A rustic welcoming to our River Room guests.

This will be your view as you sit on the love seat, looking at the fire! From this photo, you can make out the top of the boat table (with two oars), which will 'float' in the river.

View of the fireplace and boat table in River Room.

We hope you will visit us, to enjoy this space in person!


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