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  • Jeff Raible

Apr 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Still moving forward....

Flooring is DONE. Mostly.

Landscaping has BEGUN.

Good 'stuff' is now happening outside; here are photos of the front and back:

View of the front yard, toward the house, with landscaping work evident
Pavers are now being added, to create a walkway from guest parking to the front door.
View of the back yard, toward the house, with landscaping work evident
Building walls to constrain the water fountain, and prepping for nice, green grass!

On the inside, first floor tile is fully grouted. Why no photo? It looks like a floor.

We've also begun installing cabinets for the Office. Why no photo? Until pavers, gravel and grass cover our fine dirt, we are not installing final coverings for any cabinets; they would become one more thing we have to wash before we move in.

... which should begin late June. In the meantime, Karen continues to work - currently from home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic - and Jeff continues to oversee the build.


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