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  • Jeff Raible

Verde River Flowing High

All the rains we've received the past few weeks has raised the flow of the Verde River. And turned its waters a deeper brown. This view is from the edge of our property. (Our home is on a bluff overlooking the river ... well away from the floodplain!)

A close-up of fhe Verde River, flowing brown with winter rains runoff, bends through leafless brush, green grasses and dormant trees.
Verde River Swollen with Rain (taken from the edge of our property)

With clouds finally thinning, out nighttime lows are once again reaching the freezing point. But the river's waters keep the vegetation on the banks warm enough to remain green.

Here is a brief video of the river's flow (January 18, 2023):

(Yes, that's Jeff's voice on the video.)

For those of you who worry about whether you are safe to stay at Origins B&B, here is a snapshot of our home from the southern bank of the Verde River, which is 60-70 feet lower in elevation. You can clearly see River Room (left) and Copper Room patio decks from here.

A bank of earth, covered in frosty grasses, rises in the foreground; visible beyond, on a bluff, is the roof and top floor of Origins B&B.
View of Origins B&B from the Verde River

Yes, this is a cold morning, with frost gracing the grasses.


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