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  • Jeff Raible

Summer Weather

Summer rains have been mostly absent so far this year. Storms typically begin mid-June, but our first rain of the season arrived at the tail end of July.

Still, the skies remain beautiful, even when cloudless.

Here are a few photos from this summer season.

Nearly cloudless blue sky hovers over green grass and greener trees that line the Verde River.
Blue sky over the lush landscape
Early morning view toward the mountains, with a nearly full moon hovering overhead.
Moonrise over the Black Hills
Orange sun glows below the pink-and-purple clouds as it sinks behind the distant mountains.
Beautiful Summer Sunset
Pink and purple clouds at sunset hint at rain.
Hint of Rain!
Dark clouds dominate the sky at sunset, while a narrow band of yellow and orange glows on the distant horizon.
Dark, threatening sky at sunset


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