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  • Jeff Raible

Stormy Weather in December

We had a couple of storm fronts pass through this month. The first brought a deep chill, and welcomed rain ... and with it a a deep, deep fog.

Water fountain and tree in the foreground, with low clouds hiding the mountains and sun.
Stormy sky hiding the late afternoon sun.
View past a set breakfast table, through a window. A tree is sikhouetted by dense fog.
Fog shrouds the view at breakfast.
View of distant hills, past a myriad of trees showing different shades of green, tan, and brown.
Leaves have changed from gold to brown.

The holidays storm front left a skiff of snow upon the Black Hills!

Morning shadows dance across the Black Hills, which show a light dusting of snow.
Sunrise view of light snow upon the Black Hills.
Late evening sun dramatically lights the canyon walls, with misty clouds beyond.
Evening view toward Sycamore Canyon, toward the northwest.


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