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  • Jeff Raible

Phoenix-Area Day Hike

Yes, Phoenix is close enough for a day trip!

For our anniversary this year, we traveled to the White Tank Mountain Regional Park (aka, the "White Tanks"), to hike the Mesquite Canyon trail to Willow Spring. Why? Because ~16 years ago, that's where I asked Karen to marry me. (And she said "Yes!") Oh, and we held our wedding ceremony in the park - near the Mesquite Canyon Trailhead - 15 years ago.

Origins B&B Innkeeper Karen, in hiking gear, waves toward the camera. She is on a ruggen desert pathway, with a small canyon to her right and a partly cloudy sky above.
Karen waves while hiking the Mesquite Canyon trail.

Here is a great view of Mesquite Canyon. If you look closely, you will see why this mountain range - located on the west edge of the Phoenix area - is called the White Tanks.

A rocky streambed threading through a small, rocky canyon studded with saguaro, mesquites and other desert plants. Water is evident in small pools along the streambed.
Mesquite Canyon in the White Tanks.

Willow Spring, which provides a small, steady quantity of water all year round, is at the base of the cliff beyond the big boulder seen in this photo. It's about 3.5 miles from the Mesquite Canyon trailhead to this lovely spot.

A small desert mountain towers over a pathway surrounded by cane cholla, mesquite trees and saguaro cactus.
Approaching Willow Spring!

It may not be the most picturesque spring, but it is always an enjoyable destination! Water trickles out of the rock in the center of this photo, which is taken facing westward; the towering cliff ensures this spring is in shade all year 'round.

Here is where Karen & I got engaged!!!

A small pool of water lies at the base of a rocky cliff. Above and to the right is a cactus-studded hillside in sunlight.
Willow Spring!

What a lovely day!!!

Origins B&B Innkeeper Karen waves from behind desert flora, next to a rocky hiking trail. Small, partly threatening clouds float by in the sky behind her.
Karen resting / hiding behind the Brittlebush and Cane Cholla.


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