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  • Jeff Raible


We officially opened our doors to guests, effective November 11, 2020 (11/11/2020).

Sign says "Yes, We're Open!"

To our delight, both River Room and Copper Room were booked that night (for 6 days each), as was Pueblo Room the following night, and Canyon the next.

Woman playing Jenga on a patio, with fall colors reflected in the windows behind her.
Jenga on the back patio, on a warm fall afternoon.

Some of our firsts guests held a competitive game of Mega-Jenga on the back patio!

The pump house - which held the original pressure tank for our well water - was demolished early November. With the help of our neighbors, John and Ken (and John's tractor), we not only removed an eyesore, but we gained a wider view of the Black Hills to our south & west.


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