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  • Jeff Raible

March Snow

Yet another storm front arrived this winter season, bringing wet snow (which quickly melted).

Here is a view of Origins B&B as you approach our home.

Santa Fe style house on a bluff, covered in snow, with ominous clouds above.  Trees shivver under their blankets of snow.
OBB after a night's snow: view from Comanche Drive

While the snow quickly melted from the warmer gravel areas, it clung to our backyard grass.

White snow covering the ground, with a quiet rock fountain warming in the pale sunsight.
Our back yard of SNOW

By late morning, most snow was melted. The white stuff outlines our house in this image.

Santa Fe style house edged in snow, shining in weak sunlight under a cloudy grey sky.
Snow clings to colder spots on our home

We still so enjoy seeing the Black Hills covered in white!

Morning sunlight graces the rock wall of our home in this view of distant mountains covered in snow. Mottled dark clouds dominate the sky.
Morning view past our home toward the Black Hills


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