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  • Jeff Raible

Long, Humid Summer

We enjoyed a long monsoon season, including heavy rains through September and even into October! (Normally, September and October are very dry months in Arizona.)

This past summer was not particularly hot, but it has lasted well into October.

A large cloud, glowing orange in the evening sky, arises far away; in the foreground are lush, green slopes.
Humid air reaches the stratosphere above the San Francisco Peaks (out of view, near Flagstaff).

Late-season rains caused the local landscape to blossom once again, as if Spring had returned!

A stand of yellow wildflowers arise on the slope next to an outdoor seating area, with a cloudy sky and distant mountains beyond.
Wildflowers near the plaza outside Canyon Room.
Beyond the entrance to Origins B&B is a gentle slope with yellow wildflowers. In the distance are the Black Hills under a bright blue sky.
Wildflowers bedeck the slope beyond our driveway (lowest edge of Prescott Nat'l Forest).

Even though each day felt the threat of rain, we were happy to receive every ounce of moisture. The days remained warm well into October. Notice how lush the grass remained! The downside to this warmth and moisture ... Jeff still had to mow the grass each week.

A small plate of delicious food lies on a patio table; beyond is a lush green lawn and green trees of the Verde Valley.
Enjoying a snack on our back patio on a warm, mid-October evening.


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