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  • Jeff Raible

Guestbook Doodles

Each of our guest rooms has a Guestbook, which provides the opportunity to record favorite experiences or make recommendations to future guests. Some of our guests are true artists!

Below are a few of our favorite drawings.

A guest's sketch of the front of Origins B&B, with the caption "we loved our stay at your place."
Sketch of the front of our B&B!

Sketch of Origins B&B with mountains behind and a water fountain close by.
Is that Bell Rock behind Origins B&B? Such a cool fountain in the foreground!

Sketch of a tree, grass, driveway, and gabbion fencing with distant mountains, as seen via a picture window. Stars and hearts adorn the room's wall.
Sketch view of the Black Hills, looking through Canyon Room's window.

Sketched southwest-style person, dog, wandering glyph and sun.
An inspired sketch of the our neighborhood!

Artistic sketch surrounds the words 'thank you.'
A 'thank you' for the hospitality!

Sketch of the front of Origins B&B from the circular driveway surrounding a 3-tier water fountain.
View of Origins B&B at final departure!


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