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Grand Canyon Day Trip

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Grand Canyon Village (at the South Rim) is just 2.5 hours from Origins B&B. Several of our guests have enjoyed day trips there. This year, in early August, we decided to take our own day trip (no guests were with us) to hike the Hermit Road Trail from the Village westward to Hermit's Rest, an 8-mile hike along the edge of the Rim. It was a beautiful, warm day.

View of the Grand Canyon, with trees in the foreground on a lightly cloudy day.
Looking northeast toward Hopi Point

This illustrates the route we took, from the Village (Bright Angel Trailhead) to Hermit's Rest. The Hermit Road Trail hugs the edge of the Canyon, not far from Hermit Road itself.

Artistic 3-D rendering of Grand Canyon points of interest, including roadways.
Detail from the Grand Canyon Panorama Map

Half way through, Karen still looks good!

Innkeeper Karen, dressed in summer hiking gear, stands near the edge of the Grand Canyon.
Karen rests just steps from a steep drop.

Notice how muddy brown the Colorado River is! Recent rains flushed soil into the River, which carried its cargo toward Lake Mead. In the foreground is a bristlecone pine tree, sporting a beautifully gnarled trunk.

View of the muddy Colorado River snaking among distant sedimentary rock formations, with a bristlecone pine tree in the foreground.
Looking northward, near Pima Point.


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