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  • Jeff Raible

Christmas Day 2022

What a beautiful, peaceful morning!

Early morning sun creates a glow of yellow, orance and purple within the light clouds. In the foreground is the silhouette of a row of pine trees.
Sunrise Christmas Morning
Morning sky glows orange beyond an adobe-like structure. The sky is mirrored by a pool of water at the base of a 3-pillar fountain in the foreground.
Radient beams of sunlight greet the morning sky
Late fall colors grace trees in the morning sun. In the distance, mountains are dappled by hazy sunlight.
A myriad of colors and textures worn by the trees in our neighborhood and along the Verde River.

Our AZ-based children and their families spent Christmas Eve and Night with us. We enjoyed an evening of food and games before gift-opening.

A 10-foot Christmast tree, decorated with lights and figurines, stands in front of a fireplace featuring a stacked stone chimney.
Our Christmast tree by the fireplace

Santa also left gifts under the tree!


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