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  • Jeff Raible

Breathtaking Winter Views!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

A series of winter storms have left snow upon the Black Hills, which lie to the south and west of Origins Bed & Breakfast. While we have seen short flurries, no snow has graced our home.

Three-pillar fountain and sn Ash tree in the foreground and a snow-covered mountain range a few miles away, with some thick, grey clouds on an otherwise sunny morning.
Morning sun catches the snow-decked Black Hills, just a few miles distant

How would you like to enjoy this scene as you eat a delicious 3-course breakfast? This view is via our guests' Dining Room window. No painter could have created such beauty!

Seen through a window in front of a glass dining table, snow-covered mountains glisten in morning sun.  Also in view are a tall Ash tree, a short, graceful fence secured by four stone pillars, and rolling high-desert hills.
Winter scene from our Dining Room

A sunset view, looking northward from our back patio toward Sedona's Red Rock country....

A line of distant red rock cliffs, their tops covered in white snow, in late afternoon sun under a heavily cloudy sky.
Snow graces Sedona's Red Rocks

And here's a snapshot from our backyard! We so enjoy our views, year-round!!!

Winter backyard view from Origins B&B, showing snowclad Mingus and Woodshute Mountains in the distance.
View from Origins: Mingus and Woodshute Mountains in Snow

(Note the faux deer browsing among our shrubbery. Earlier this week, we spotted a real deer - in the grassy area shown here - but did not have a camera handy to record.)


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