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  • Jeff Raible

... and the Rains Continue!

We have had an unusually wet summer. Locals insist we have NEVER had so much summer rain, at least in recent memory. While the frequent, hard rains have caused significant flooding - especially where fires had burned earlier this summer - the moisture has been welcome. Throughout the months of August and September, rain storms have been a nearly-constant weather feature.

A column of heavy rain covers part of the distant mountains.
Downpour hiding Mingus Mountain.
Several layers of clouds - including a layer of fog - cover the distant mountains.
Layers of clouds hide the Black Hills.
Layers of clouds at sunset, partially covering the Black Hills, displaying firey hues of orange and yellow.
Evening Sunset of Fire.
Moist cumulus clouds partially covering a sky of bright blue float past Origins B&B, highlighted in morning sun.
Thick clouds skirting past Origins B&B.
A late-afternoon view of Sedona's sun-bedecked cliffs, with thick clouds in the distance.  In the foreground is a field of green grass, a small garden and water fountain, stretching toward the green Cottonwoods of the Verde River.
Looking past the Verde River at sunset: Clouds blanketing our northern horizon.


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