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  • Jeff Raible

And still MORE Crazy Weather!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

There are so many opportunities to take a great photo here at Origins B&B!

Here our home is 'touched' by a streaking rainbow...

Storm clouds produce a rainbow which curves into Origins B&B, as seen from its sunlit front.
Rainbow striking our home!

The frequent rains have kept the humidity high. Here is a morning view toward Sedona.

A view of our guests' seating plaza overlooking the Verde River which is nearly hidden behind a dense blanket of fog.
Fog over the Verde River.

Here are some views from our Guest Rooms at Origins B&B...

Firey sunset over a distant mountain, with shades of yellow, orange, and purple, as seen from the Copper Room patio.
Firey sunset over Mingus Mtn, from Copper Room patio.
Distant cliffs in sunset colors, as seen from the River Room balcony. A field of green grass is below, with Cottonwood trees dominating the mid-range view.
Evening view of Sedona's red rocks, from the River Room patio.

And another gorgeous evening sky!

Sunset view of thin clouds in yellow and orange over distant mountains.
Beautiful evening sky.


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