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  • Jeff Raible

Trains, Anyone?

Imagine riding a train into the town of Jerome. If you have visited Jerome, you'd think that's crazy. Well, a century ago, you could have done exactly that! Several different railroad companies provided service in the Verde Valley ... all of them in support of the copper mining industry centered on Jerome.

The Clemenceau Museum (, which lies in Cottonwood, has a wonderful diorama, incorporating several running trains, that reflect the towns of Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Jerome and the mining/smelting operations that were based upon the rich copper ore of Jerome. Come for a visit!

Model railroad diorama, with a smelter in the near corner and towns climbing the hills beyond.
Verde Valley Railroads Diorama: View of Jerome & Clarkdale
Diorama view of railroad lines and an ore transfer station, surrounded by a small community and mining operations.
Diorama detail, depicting the Hopewell settlement where ore was transferred among trains. The Douglas Mansion sits above at left.
Several industrial buildings, connected by railroad lines. Several train engines, loaded cars and workers are visible.
Detail of Clarkdale Smelter Operations
1950s scen of business, cars and pedestrians, representing Cottonwood, AZ.
Diorama detail of Cottonwood's Old Town
Diorama view of an outdoor wedding held at a small church.
Wedding at St. Cecelia's Catholic Church, Clarkdale

Visit the Clemenceau Museum and learn about the railroads that supported the copper mines and smelters of the Verde Valley!


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