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Shop Tlaquepaque

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Pronounced tuh-LOCK-uh-POCK-ee, this unique "Arts and Shopping Village" offers art, wares, food, culture, and beauty. It is located just south of the "Y" in Sedona ... about 30 minutes from Origins B&B.

Tlaquepaque, which means "the best of everything” in Nahuatl (spoken by ancient Aztecs), is intended to reflect a Mexican-styled living arts community.

Karen & I visited some friends there for lunch June 2023. It was a lovely day! Below are a few snapshots taken as we wandered the shops. Go to for details on this extraordinary shopping village.

Large multi-tier Spanish-style water fountain, surrounded by a cobblestone drive, with old Cottonwood trees and Medditeranean buildings beyond.
Tlaquepaque Fountain

Intimate courtyard, shaded by trees, among Medditeranean buildings selling art and wares.
Tlaquepaque Courtyard

A tree-shaded walkway stretches past a row of old buildings, with planters of flowers nearby.
Entrance to one of Tlaquepaque's many courtyards


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