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  • Jeff Raible

Pillsbury Wine Co

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Karen & I visited one of our local wine tasting shops this summer. Located about a mile south of Cottonwood's Old Town, the Pillsbury Wine Company is located in a historic building which served as a boarding house for workers at the smelter of the United Verde Extension (UVX) copper mine early in the last century. The building has been converted into several delightful sitting areas, centered on the main bar. (They also have a location in Willcox, AZ, near their vineyards. See for more info.)

Closeup of the Pillsbury Wine Co, located in an old, red-brick building with while window and roof trim, and a white picket fence.
Enjoy a glass of wine at the Pillsbury Wine Co!

Normally there ARE many people - including delightful staff members - at the bar or sitting in the parlors. However, I took photos when everyone rushed outside to appreciate the summer's first monsoon storm.

A three-sided wood bar stands in the room, surrounded by art work and racks of wine.
Main seating area (bar) in the core of the building.

Comfy couches lie in front of a brick fireplace.
Cozy main parlor, one of several semi-private spaces to enjoy a glass and a conversation!
Several soft chairs line the old-fashioned room, forming an intimate space for conversation.
Another intimate space for socializing
A Pillsbury Wine Company banner forms the backdrop for a small conversation space.
Pillsbury Wine Company


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