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  • Jeff Raible

Ever Grand!

Jeff's daughter, Tori, visited from her Oregon home, and they enjoyed a few excursions together.

They reached the Grand Canyon just as a late spring storm arrived ... and experienced a hailstorm so thick the land looked covered in snow. Regardless, the views - as always - were Grand!

Note the Colorado River in the distance, reflecting the stormy sky.

A view of the Grand Canyon, from its rim, with heavy storm clouds dominating the sky.
The Grand Canyon under a stormy sky
Rain pummults distant bluffs within the Grand Canyon.
Downpour in the Distance

In this photo, the bitter, cold wind has frozen our noses and ears; this is taken shortly after a hailstorm. But we're still enjoying the experience!

Close-up photo of Innkeeper Jeff and his grownup daughter, with the Grand Canyoun in the background.
Jeff & daughter Tori.


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