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  • Jeff Raible


Beginning early July ... and pretty much continuing throughout the month ... we got Rain! LOTS OF RAIN. It was a welcome event, putting out the wildfires by mid-July.

Early in the month, we had occasional short downpours. This one (looking westward) eventually made its way to our home.

Dark clouds dumping a column of rain against the Black Hills 5 miles away.
A small downpour against the Black Hills, just west of Origins B&B.

At times, we received too much rain. The first of three SIGNIFICANT STORMS in July caused some damage to our driveway and landscape.

View from a covered patio, showing a smaller covered patio with downspouts channeling a substantial amount of water from our rooftop.
Back patio view during a mid-July downpour.

This view is toward the south, with perhaps a half-mile visibility due to the heavy rain.

Three pillars surrounded by a driveway that is covered in water. Beyond, the desert scrub is barely visible through the rain.
A sheet of water covering our driveway during a mid-July downpour.

The third significant storm, which hit at night, caused the normally-dry wash below our home (which our driveway traverses) to overflow its bank, forming a rapidly-flowing river along Comanche Drive and flowing across our lower fields near the Verde. The water not only caused a big mess, but added lots to our list of things to address.


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