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  • Jeff Raible

Verde River Flood || March 2023

It remains safe to visit Origins B&B!

But the latest atmospheric river to pass over California has caused significant flooding in northern Arizona.

Our home lies well above the flood plain. But this morning, our riverfront property turned into river.

While not very pretty, it certainly is dramatic! Note the tall mesquite tree in the center of the photo, which lies in the middle of our field.

Wide expanse of muddy water flowing among Cottonwood trees, with cloudy skies above.
Verde River, March 16, 2023

Same viewpoint, 3 days earlier (when the Verde River was ALREADY well beyond its normal 50-foot-wide banks). Compare the same mesquite tree in the center with the photo above.

Wider-than-normal Verde River flows with muddy brown water, amid strands of Cottonwood trees beyond a field of green.
Verde River, March 13, 2023

A closer view, from the edge of our field:

Calm, wide expanse of muddy water stretches from the green bank in the foreground, past strands of mesquite and cottonwood trees.
Wide & muddy Verde River.

Here is a panorama view:

A wide expanse of brown water flowing among mesquite and cottonwood trees in the valley below, with a cloudy sky above.
Looking northward from Origins B&B

Looking in the opposite direction, the Black Hills are still crowned in white! While our temperatures did not dip very low, it was still cold enough to snow near the crest of the mountains.

White snow is evident on the upper reaches of the distant mountains, under a partly cloudy morning. Sunsight wams the stacked stone front of Origins B&B in the foreground.
Beautiful, partly-sunny day at Origins B&B!


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